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Breithaupt – Basic Stratum Compass (GEKOM)

The GEKOM is a robust stratum compass available at a moderate price according to the measuring method of Prof. Dr. Clar allowing the measurement of the azimuth of dip and angle of dip in one single operation.

As the vertical circles are visible from above, the azimuth of dip and angle of dip can be read at a glance.The upper part of the housing can easily be removed for the adjustment of declination and inclination. The housing is made of antimagnetic and resistant solid light metal with a surface protection anodised in blue colour; compass needle: automatic arresting when the needle is not in use, North end red, South end black, with adjustable inclination weight, length of needle: 44 mm, horizontal circle diameter 60 mm, interval of graduation 2°, reading by estimation 1°, anticlockwise numbering every 10°, cardinal points are also shown with the East and West markings reversed, declination adjustment up to 360°, diameter of vertical circle 19 mm, dip measuring range 270°, graduation interval 5°, reading by estimation 1°, numbering every 20° in quadrants, cover plate with friction adjustment screw, dimensions of closed compass 3.2 x 2.7 x .75″ (86 x 70 x 20mm), and it weighs 8 oz (240g).

Basic stratum compass incl. pouch. Made in Germany.

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