Sample Bags
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Available in various sizes, including:

  1. Open Top U. V.

200 x 305mm x 90um Plastic Bag
255 x 380mm x 150um Plastic Bag
300 x 450mm x 150um Plastic Bags
400 x 600mm x 150um G Plastic Bag
450 x 750mm x 150um G Plastic Bag
600 x 900mm x 150um G Plastic Bag

  1. Self Seal U.V. with White Patch

75 x 125mm x 90um s/seal P/bag
125 x 175mm x 90um s/seal P/bag
150 x 225mm x 60um s/seal P/bag
175 x 312mm x 90um s/seal P/bag
255 x 375mm x 100um s/seal P/bag

  1. Calico Bags.

Calico 200 x 300mm Draw String
Calico 200 x 300mm Side Tie
Calico 250 x 350mm Draw String
Calico 250 x 350mm Side Tie
Calico 300 x 380mm Draw String
Calico 300 x 380mm Side Tie
Calico 300 x 450mm Draw String
Calico 300 x 450mm Side Tie

  1. Clip Seal Sample Bags.

 Plastic Samples Bags are built tough and field proven! Our bags are made from the thickest practical material for each bag size, providing heavy duty puncture and tear resistance without wasting resources. Every plastic bag we sell is UV Stabilised for use outdoors, providing protection against degradation from the sun - Saving you money on re-bagging costs as well as saving excess bags from entering landfill and the environment.

Available in various sizes
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